Mogstock 2015: The Mogical Mystery Tour

The Mogical Mystery Tour will take you deeper into that viridian hinterland of Mogador, past the greatest ale house in Christendom, The Sportsman (named after an athletic elf), weaving through the spellbinding wildwood, reaching your destination of ‘The House at Walton’s Edge’, in sight of the great ‘Trestlespan’ bridge, over Saroman’s deep and noisome canyon.

The full address, to use to locate on your maps, is: NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE!

The Mogstock Scouts will be visiting the household there over the next few weeks, and Imagery of the journey will be posted to give you some landmarks. If you can persuade an Elf to join you on the journey it would be recommended.

‘Action for Alports’ and, will be the beneficiaries of all the activities of the day

There will be a paid Cocktail Bar (serving the classic Mogstock cocktails, beer, cider, ale and Pimms) and a BBQ (both vegetarian and carnivore options), but feel free to bring your own beer and picnic, if you prefer. There will also be a bouncy castle, a HUGE amount of space to run around, great weather (obviously!), and cake. Lots of cake!

Please bring some coins for putting in our charity buckets and for buying beer and burgers and to thank our new hosts for their involvement in the event. We would really like to break all the records this year.

Also, feel free to share this event with your friends and family. Invite anyone you wish…!

I will update the performer list as and when they are confirmed, but so far we have:
Killerfish (surprisingly!)
Bungles Finger
Tanya Cristina

DJ-Extra will be spinning some bangin’ tunes throughout the day and into the night.

Further names will be added when they are confirmed.

If you feel like donating using modern methods, rather than putting cash in a bucket on the day (which also enables us to use Gift Aid) please follow this link to the official JustGiving Mogstock page:

If you wish to find out more about this year’s chosen charities, please follow these links:

  • PSDS. The home page of ‘Providing Support for children with Down Syndrome and Their Families
  • The Friends of Broome Park. The Charitable arm of the Broome Park Nursing Home, providing support, entertainments and presents for the residents and relatives of the home. Broome Park kindly donate the use of the marquees each year.

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