Mogstock™22 is HERE!


The date has been set: 15th to 16th of July 2022. The location is known. It is Dents Farm, Buckland Road, KT20 7EJ. Subscribe to this blog, or join our Facebook Group for all the latest news. Gates open at 18:00 on the Friday and 13:00 on the Saturday.

We have a huge collection of local talent lining up to entertain you, so please be patient, subscribe to our Facebook Page and look forward to the best little festival around! 

Many things are going to change, and this, one day, will pass. We will see you in July!

Our tickets page has the different options available with drinks essential Festival Cup! Check it out:

The details of the 2022 event are fixed and they are GREAT. Tickets are available now. Subscribe to this website, or go and visit our Facebook Group to hear the latest news.

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Bring your blanket and chairs!

Our festival takes place in a field. That is a field. There will be toilets, a bar, amazing food and drink, circus workshops, ice creams, and a lovely clean open space. Please feel free to bring along a blanket and/or chairs to sit on, and anything you need to keep comfortable. Don’t forget your camera!

Mogstock™Classic’22 Running Order

Having pushed some water uphill and shepherded some cats we are proud to be able to announce the running order for Mogstock™Classic’22!

Live music played on Saturday 16th July

Make sure you buy your tickets here:

13:00 Doors & Bar Opens
13:30 Ukebox
15:00 Marc Barker
15:45 Rod Ashurst
16:30 Silvermane
17:15 The 508s
18:45 Royale With Cheese
20:00 Slurred Live
21:00 Bungles Finger
22:30 Finish


Mogstock™Twilight’22 Running Order

As with all things, some things WILL change. So it is with Mogstock™Twilight.

There is a slight change with our running order. Please do comment if you notice the change.

Twilight is our ‘local singer/songwriter’ focussed event curated by our friends at Dragonfly Studios Ltd

Live music played on Friday 15th July from 6pm.

Make sure you buy your tickets here:

18:00 Doors & Bar Opens
19:00 Billie Fox
19:30 Millie Jane Franks
20:00 H.H.H
20:45 Nick T‘s Band
21:45 Subconscious Club
22:30 Finish


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Mogstock’21: We Have a WINNER!

The draw for the 2021 PSDS “World Famous” Barrow of Booze was taken at midnight on the 19th of July, a little later than we had hoped. The video of the draw, with all of the entries added is shown below and publically visible through our YouTube channel.

We received a total of 827 entries to the draw, which raised exactly £827 for PSDS! Thank you all for donating, and good luck for next year!

The YouTube recording of our random draw
Barrow delivered….Amanda is going to spend lots of time in her potting shed!! 😅


Well done Amanda!

Mogstock’21: The Stage

This is where Mogstock 2021 actually starts. With the build of the stage!

We have all the love for Sutton Scaffold for doing the job. If you need scaffolding for any reason, please give them a call on 07835 844 308 and tell them that Mogstock sent you.

New for this year? A taller structure, an actual ROOF, steps to the stage entrance left and right and most importantly a more raised stage for visibility!

Mogstock’21: Chill!

We have great pleasure to announce the details of the new part of Mogstock, known as ‘Chill’. It is being held on Sunday the 18th of July. It is a “Come as You are” event, and showcasing some new young talent of the area. In the words of Poppy Jabelman, the showrunner, and her team:

“This year’s Mogstock Chill is for the so called “Generation Snowflake”: the people who’ve been told over and over again that they’re too sensitive, too PC and not able to handle the real world.

We believe that in today’s world, beset by uncertainty and injustice, that being ‘sensitive’ is no bad thing, and that those people who strive to be empathetic, to support others, to call out prejudice are more valuable than ever.

Our part of the festival aims to encourage empathy and soothe anxious minds, with a mix of old school classics, some great work by newer artists and viral favourites designed to put you at ease and bring people closer together.

In addition, we’re working with charities like Mind UK and the Surrey Wildlife Foundation to raise money for struggling young people and the protection of our beautiful countryside, promoting the vision of a kinder, more caring and balanced world.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us in doing so.”