Why buy tickets early?


Our dates are: 12th & 13th July 2024

For a little bit of added ‘push’, we would like you to know why we love earlybird and pre-event booked tickets from you guys, our Followers.

We are a Community Interest Company that runs as lean as we possibly can, so that as much money raised becomes what the HMRC calls ‘surplus’, which we are allowed to donate to listed charities (Psds – providing support for children with Down syndrome and their families, UNICEF, The Scouts, World Land Trust, etc). That said, running a festival, albeit a bijou and perfectly formed one such as Mogstock™ Music Festival has overheads (Insurance, toilets, etc, etc). Pre-booked tickets help us cover much of those costs and allow us to then plan a better festival once the essentials have been taken care of.

This is why we are happy to offer a discount to people who can purchase early.

We love you all. Thank you.

Also, if you are having, or are planning on celebrating a significant birthday this year, as we are (Sweet 16! Aren’t we old?!), please get in touch. We’d love to celebrate with you and help make it a special day! info@mogstock.com