The Barrow of Booze


Every year We present the “World Famous” Barrow of Booze, in conjunction with

Just in case you are unaware, The Barrow of Booze is exactly as it sounds, a wheelbarrow filled with booze of all types, ideal for that garden party or BBQ!

For every £1 donated via the QR code in the image, or by clicking this link to PayPal, will get you a choice of entries into the draw. Please follow our Facebook Group to get bonus entries each day!

The draw will occur by 5pm on the 16th of July, the day after our event closes. This is to give us time to tidy up and collect our thoughts!


Mogstock’21: We Have a WINNER!

The draw for the 2021 PSDS “World Famous” Barrow of Booze was taken at midnight on the 19th of July, a little later than we had hoped. The video of the draw, with all of the entries added is shown below and publically visible through our YouTube channel.

We received a total of 827 entries to the draw, which raised exactly £827 for PSDS! Thank you all for donating, and good luck for next year!

The YouTube recording of our random draw
Barrow delivered….Amanda is going to spend lots of time in her potting shed!! 😅


Well done Amanda!

Mogstock’21: The Stage

This is where Mogstock 2021 actually starts. With the build of the stage!

We have all the love for Sutton Scaffold for doing the job. If you need scaffolding for any reason, please give them a call on 07835 844 308 and tell them that Mogstock sent you.

New for this year? A taller structure, an actual ROOF, steps to the stage entrance left and right and most importantly a more raised stage for visibility!

Mogstock’21: Chill!

We have great pleasure to announce the details of the new part of Mogstock, known as ‘Chill’. It is being held on Sunday the 18th of July. It is a “Come as You are” event, and showcasing some new young talent of the area. In the words of Poppy Jabelman, the showrunner, and her team:

“This year’s Mogstock Chill is for the so called “Generation Snowflake”: the people who’ve been told over and over again that they’re too sensitive, too PC and not able to handle the real world.

We believe that in today’s world, beset by uncertainty and injustice, that being ‘sensitive’ is no bad thing, and that those people who strive to be empathetic, to support others, to call out prejudice are more valuable than ever.

Our part of the festival aims to encourage empathy and soothe anxious minds, with a mix of old school classics, some great work by newer artists and viral favourites designed to put you at ease and bring people closer together.

In addition, we’re working with charities like Mind UK and the Surrey Wildlife Foundation to raise money for struggling young people and the protection of our beautiful countryside, promoting the vision of a kinder, more caring and balanced world.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us in doing so.”


Mogstock 2021: Reaction

Further to the announcement from the Prime Minister this evening (14 June), and the latest information on the delay to Step 4 of the roadmap out of lockdown, we are writing to update you on what this means for Mogstock’21.The UK Government has announced there will be a further series of pilot events as part of the Events Research Programme (ERP) over the next four weeks. We are reviewing the requirements that the Government and public health authorities are detailing and watching with bated breath the outcomes of the pilot events. We are expecting more information on the pilots to be announced later this week, at which point we will be able to confirm the next steps for this year’s event.We will communicate with all ticket holders as a matter of high priority in the coming days ahead. At this stage there is no requirement for you to contact us but please keep an eye out for official communications in due course.

If you wish to contact us directly please email or direct message us via the tools supplied by Facebook. We will endeavour to answer as rapidly as we can.

Thank you. Stay safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated, rock on.

The Mogstock Team

Mogstock 2021: Tim Hain’s Jamside Up

A delight for your Friday night, showing off a neighbour of ours, and one of the greatest performers there is.

Tim Hain and his Jamside Up band playing at The Bull’s Head, Barnes. June 2018,

Jamside Up will be headlining Mogstock Twilight on the 16th of July and is certainly something to look forward to.

Buy your tickets here:

Follow Jamside Up’s Facebook page and tell them that we sent you, here:

Visit Tim Hain‘s website here:


Mogstock 2021: Billie Fox

So… Friday night of Mogstock is known as Mogstock Twilight.

It focusses on local Songwriters, and is curated by the amazing Dragonfly Studios Ltd and Tom Hughes

We would love to introduce to you an AMAZING personality Billie Fox, with an amazingly powerful voice and the song “They Have It Wrong” showing us the times that we are all missing!

Please check out AND subscribe to her YouTube channel

Tickets are available for Friday Night here:

Billie Rocks!