Now, we know that we cannot give you ALL the information you need, when you need it. Hopefully the answers shown below will do the best we can. If you have a question not answered here, please feel free to email us here: info@mogstock.com

  1. Where is Mogstock™ to be found?
    We are to be found at Dents Farm, at the end of Buckland Road, in Lower Kingswood. KT20 7EJ.
  2. What Bus Routes come to Mogstock?
    The 420 from Sutton to Redhill and the 460 from Epsom to Redhill. The stop is called ‘The Fox’ or ‘The Fox on the Hill’ depending on which bus company you use. You will see the Mogstock™ Music Festival at the end of Buckland Road, on the wall. Walk the length of Buckland Road towards the farm, and you will see our site.
  3. Eco-sustainability
    The environment is VERY important to Mogstock™. Our field area is carefully prepared to avoid disturbing wildlife. The power for the event is supplied by our Solar Panel array and storage unit. All waste is recycled where possible and bins are clearly labelled to facilitate that. Please read the signs before throwing anything away, thank you. Our food & drink vendors have been asked to avoid supplying single-use plastic. Our Mogstock™Cups are made from recycled plastic and are reusable hundreds of times. We ask our festival goers to also avoid bringing single-use plastic to our site and either bring a festival cup from previous years, other amazing festivals, or buy one of ours!
  4. Food & Drink on site
    We have a food supplier on site all weekend, along with our Mogstock™Bar serving quality ales, lagers, ciders, wines, soft drinks and cocktails. On the Friday we will be providing a BBQ, on the Saturday a Hog Roast, BBQ, Coffee. The children’s area will also have water, sugar free squash and ice cream.
  5. Is there Children’s Entertainment?
    We encourage free play and outdoor fun. On Friday, there is nothing specific for children, but any child aged 12 or younger can be added to an adult’s ticket. On Saturday there will be outdoor games, hay bales to climb, soft footballs and goals, arts & crafts along with face-painting and festival ‘Glitter-Me-Up’. All children’s entertainment is FoC and included in the entrance price. Buy your Saturday tickets here.
  6. Where Can I Park?
    Cars or vans are not allowed into the Venue due to the exorbitant cost of insurance. The farm and gravel part of Buckland Road will be closed to allow Emergency Vehicle access at all times. We highly recommend that you do not drive to the event. There are a number of local bus routes, along with space to be dropped off by a cab. If it is unavoidable to drive, there are many places available to park near the Venue, if you consult a local map. We ask you politely to respect our neighbourhood and park sensitively.
  7. Can I Bring Food & Drink with Me?
    Yes, you can, but we would ask you to support our vendors on site. Each of them is donating a significant amount of their take to our chosen charities. If you do choose to bring food or drink with you we ask you to avoid glass or single use plastic. The Mogstock™ field is usually home to horses and the health and well being of these animals are important to us. Our security team will request to inspect your bag to ensure that glass is not present. Any glass found will be confiscated and returned when you leave. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Safety & Security
    We are required by our license, agreed with the council and local police force, to supply security at the event to ensure public safety. This security team will be present at the entrance gate and road to ensure access is kept clear for emergency vehicles. The team will also conduct a bag search to ensure that not glass is brought into the Venue. There will also be first aiders on site.

    Each ticket holder will be issued a wristband on display of their ticket purchase receipt, so you can come and go as you wish.
  9. Disability Access
    If you need special access requirements such as being dropped off near the gate, this can be arranged by messaging us here: info@mogstock.com. There will be a disabled access toilet on site too. The site is in a farmer’s field and the ground is reasonably level. The grass has been cut short, but there are no hardstanding paths.
  10. What Should I Bring?
    • Smiles and Friends!
    • Something to sit on: a foldable chair; a picnic rug; a cushion.
    • We will have a number of gazebos setup for weather protection, but feel free to bring your own. Just ensure it is setup to not block any sight lines of the stage.
    • NO GLASS. We also do not want single use plastic on the site as well. If you wish, please bring a reusable plastic festival cup of either a pint or half pint in size. If you do not have a suitable cup our staff will happily supply you with one of ours with your first drink. You can also purchase one with your ticket by clicking here or here.
    • NO DOGS. We are not set up to deal with either free roaming or dogs on leashes. Please leave your pets at home.
    • Please take only photos, leave only memories.
  11. How much of my hard-earned cash goes to the charities?
    Most of it! We have worked hard to find sponsors to support the required infrastructure including things such as insurance, toilets, gazebos, staging, marketing print, etc. The logistics, marketing, venue supply, event management, etc. is supplied FoC by the Community Interest Company called Mogstock™. Our talented performers and volunteers have also given up their time, skill and energy. Mogstock™CiC supports our charities (PSDS, War Child & The World Land Trust) that are important to us. We enjoy the community spirit.