Celebrate a special day with us!

Mogstock™ Music Festival has always been about the party. It started long ago as an impromptu birthday celebration. For whom? Lost to the mists of time!

We would love this year’s Mogstock to be the place where you, or someone you love, celebrates their special day. Birthdays, the end of exams, the beginning of a long halcyon summer, or just because it is the weekend.

If you buy 11 or more adult tickets at once, in the same transaction, you will receive one of those tickets free, automatically.

Click here to buy: mogstock.com/tickets

Ring your mates, organise a party, either for the Mogstock™Twilight event on Friday 14th, the Mogstock™Classic on Saturday 15th, or even splash out and make a weekend of it!

One free ticket, for any group of 11 or more. Not quite a BOGOF, more a BTGOF!

If you have been paying attention you might still be able to find a discount code or two lying around too, by joining our Facebook Group!

If it is someone’s special day, please DM us so that we can help make it go off with a fantastic celebration.

#Mogstock23 #CelebrateWithUs #RememberThe14th